Carillo Elementary School

Carlsbad, California

The Carrillo Running Program began as a means to get and keep our kids physically active when the school opened in 1999. The program has grown in size and popularity each year. On campus, an oval-shaped path measuring ΒΌ mile around is considered 1 lap. Together, students and parents keep track of distances on cards. Kids can participate every day before school and during recess. They are not required to run- they can skip, walk or hop. For every 20 laps or 5 miles (10,000 steps,) students earn our highly coveted foot charms. At any given time, they know exactly how far they have gone and are recognized for milestone achievements at our weekly school-wide assembly. Every 25 miles is publicly honored with a certificate. When kids reach 100 miles, they earn a milestone t-shirt and the exciting opportunity to run off campus with a running parent. Medals are awarded for 200 and 400 miles; trophies for 300 miles; and a plaque and a high tech running shirt when they reach 500 miles and beyond.