How To Apply

Applying to the “Technology Innovation” category of the ASAP Innovation Competition is simple. All materials will be submitted online via our application portal. Follow these steps:

1. Assemble & Register Your Team

Entrants to the “Technology Innovation” category should form a team to present their concept. Teams should consist of 2-6 individuals, age 18 and over; each team must designate a team leader.

To formally create a team and gain access to the online application, the team leader must first register on our website. Visit and click on the “Innovation Competition” tab. Click on the “Technology Innovation Application Portal” to register as a team leader.

After registering, the team leader will have access to the application portal and his or her team’s page, and will be able to invite other team members via an email invitation.

Once registered, all team members will have access to their team’s application page. Everything your team needs to apply will be found here.

2. Complete Your Entry

Teams will complete the entire entry online through their application page. The entry contains the following components:

  1. Technology Innovation Summary & Background
  2. Physical Activity Promotion Potential (Short Answer Questions)
  3. Supporting Materials
  4. Concept for School-Based Pilot

Technology Innovation Summary & Background
Provide a one (1) page written introduction to your technology innovation. Please include:

  • History of your technology
  • Nature of the group, company, or entity responsible for its development
  • Stage of development
  • Functions and Capabilities
  • Intended Use
  • Current Applications, including compatible/supported platforms if applicable
  • Findings/Results from any research or evaluation that has been conducted

Physical Activity Promotion Potential
For each of the eight (8) “Evaluation Criteria,” write a short response (500 characters or less) explaining the potential of your technology innovation to meet each target:

  • Innovative, Original, Fun, & Engaging for Kids
  • Health Promoting
  • Reliable, Accurate, & Trackable
  • Cost-Effective, Affordable, Sustainable, & Scalable
  • Reaches All Ages & Ability Levels
  • Instills Transferable Skills, Habits, & Attitudes
  • Non-Disruptive to School Environments
  • Ease of Implementation and Maintenance

Use the “Evaluation Criteria” as a guide to draft each answer.

Supporting Materials
To provide our judges with greater insight into your technology and how it works, please provide us with any supporting materials you feel most effectively complement your entry.  These may include:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Press Coverage
  • Data/Findings from Research Studies
  • Brochures
  • Web Demos
  • Product samples, demonstration units, or prototypes, where applicable*

Supporting materials may be uploaded directly into your application under the “My Entry” tab.

*Please mail to:

Active Schools Acceleration Project
c/o Emily Rak
Tufts University
150 Harrison Ave
Boston MA, 02111

Concept for School-Based Pilot
Grand Prize Winners of the “Technology Innovation” category will be granted the opportunity to have their technology featured in a school-based 12-24 month pilot study. Pilots will be designed to evaluate the potential of winning technologies to motivate and encourage 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous activity at school and beyond.

Write one (1) page outlining your team’s concept for a school-based application or use of your technology. How could your technology benefit from:

  1. the support, resources, and expertise of Tufts University and ChildObesity180, and
  2. an investment of $50,000 to fund a pilot study?

The application DOES NOT have to be completed all at once. Before the competition deadline, your team may save progress completed and return to the application as often as you’d like before submitting your final entry.

3. Submit Your Application

Every member of a team will have access to the application. It is the responsibility of team leaders and team members to coordinate the best strategy for their team to complete the application. It is recommended that all team members participate in completing the application. Final entries will be submitted through your team’s application portal. Applications must be submitted BEFORE the competition deadline to be eligible for review by our judging panel.

For detailed Official Rules, please refer to “Official Competition Rules.”