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GOOSE BAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            WASILLA 100 Mile Club
MACHETANZ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            WASILLA 100 Mile Club
DEERING SCHOOL                                                         DEERING 100 Mile Club
SHUNGNAK SCHOOL                                                        SHUNGNAK 100 Mile Club
COTTONWOOD CREEK ELEMENTARY                                            WASILLA Just Move


CARY WOODS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           AUBURN 100 Mile Club
HARRAND CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        ENTERPRISE 100 Mile Club
BLUFF PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           HOOVER 100 Mile Club
BREITLING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            GRAND BAY 100 Mile Club
DR. ROBERT W. GILLIARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                               MOBILE 100 Mile Club
KATE SHEPARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         MOBILE 100 Mile Club
SAINT ELMO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           IRVINGTON 100 Mile Club
KNIGHT ENLOE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         ROANOKE 100 Mile Club
DIXIE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                OPELIKA 100 Mile Club
VALLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               PELHAM 100 Mile Club
NORTH SUMTER JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL                                        PANOLA 100 Mile Club
CONSTANTINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          ANNISTON Just Move
CONECUH COUNTY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL                                      CASTLEBERRY Just Move
AIRPORT ROAD INTERMEDIATE                                              COOSADA Just Move
WEST END ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             ALTOONA Just Move
CALCEDEAVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          MOUNT VERNON Just Move
PINECREST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            SYLACAUGA Just Move
ARITON SCHOOL                                                          ARITON BOKS
TUSCALOOSA MAGNET ELEM SCHOOL                                          TUSCALOOSA BOKS


ARDIS ANN MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                BENTONVILLE 100 Mile Club
ST THERESA                                                             LITTLE ROCK 100 Mile Club
HOT SPRINGS INTERM SCH                                                 HOT SPRINGS 100 Mile Club
MANSFIELD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            MANSFIELD 100 Mile Club
BAYYARI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              SPRINGDALE 100 Mile Club
ELMDALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              SPRINGDALE 100 Mile Club
WESTSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             HARTMAN 100 Mile Club
HURRICANE CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                      BRYANT Just Move


ST JOHNS THE EVANGELIST CATHOL                                         TUCSON 100 Mile Club
DESERT VISTA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         APACHE JCT 100 Mile Club
ASH FORK SCHOOL                                                        ASH FORK 100 Mile Club
HORSESHOE TRAILS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                     CAVE CREEK 100 Mile Club
COTTONWOOD DAY SCHOOL                                                  CHINLE 100 Mile Club
HARTFORD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             CHANDLER 100 Mile Club
SAN MARCOS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           CHANDLER 100 Mile Club
H L SUVERKRUP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        YUMA 100 Mile Club
SUN CANYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           PHOENIX 100 Mile Club
WESTERN VALLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       PHOENIX 100 Mile Club
PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                 HOLBROOK 100 Mile Club
DREAMING SUMMIT ELEMENTARY                                             LITCHFIELD PK 100 Mile Club
CAMPO BELLO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          PHOENIX 100 Mile Club
PAYSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               PAYSON 100 Mile Club
COTTON BOLL SCHOOL                                                     PEORIA 100 Mile Club
SANTA CRUZ CATHOLIC SCHOOL                                             TUCSON 100 Mile Club
RUTH FISHER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          TONOPAH 100 Mile Club
ORANGE GROVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         SOMERTON 100 Mile Club
SANTA CLARA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          TUCSON 100 Mile Club
HOLDEMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             TEMPE 100 Mile Club
TOPOCK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               TOPOCK 100 Mile Club
DZIL LIBEI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           CAMERON 100 Mile Club
EAGLES NEST INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL                                        TUBA CITY 100 Mile Club
TSINABAAS HABITIIN SCHOOL                                              TUBA CITY 100 Mile Club
IMAGINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AT TEMPE                                     TEMPE Just Move
SOUTH PHOENIX PREP & ARTS ACAD                                         PHOENIX Just Move
CAREER SUCCESS SCHOOL -- SAGE CAMPUS                                   PHOENIX Just Move
HULET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                HOLBROOK Just Move
AMERISCHOOLS ACADEMY (YUMA)                                            YUMA Just Move
ANZA TRAIL SCHOOL                                                      SAHUARITA Just Move
WEST SEDONA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          SEDONA Just Move
SKYLINE PREP AND ARTS ACADEMY                                            Just Move
DESERT SONORA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        SOMERTON Just Move
CRAYCROFT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            TUCSON Just Move
DREXEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               TUCSON Just Move
ELVIRA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               TUCSON Just Move
ESPERANZA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            TUCSON Just Move
GALLEGO BASIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        TUCSON Just Move
LIBERTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              TUCSON Just Move
MISSION MANOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        TUCSON Just Move
ROSEMARIE RIVERA ELEMENTARY                                            TUCSON Just Move
SUMMIT VIEW ELEMENTARY                                                 TUCSON Just Move
SUNNYSIDE HIGH SCHOOL                                                  TUCSON Just Move
DIETZ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                TUCSON Just Move


ACACIAWOOD SCHOOL INC                                                  ANAHEIM 100 Mile Club
HOLY NAME OF JESUS ELEM SCHOOL                                         LOS ANGELES 100 Mile Club
INTERNATIONAL BIBLE BAPT ACAD                                          SAN LEANDRO 100 Mile Club
NOTRE DAME ELEM - JR HI SCHOOL                                         CHICO 100 Mile Club
ST ANNES SCHOOL                                                        SANTA MONICA 100 Mile Club
TEMPLE EMANUEL COMMUNITY DAY S                                         BEVERLY HILLS 100 Mile Club
ALBANY PARK ELEMENTARY                                                 DELANO 100 Mile Club
PRINCETON STREET ELEMENTARY                                            DELANO 100 Mile Club
KENNEDY (JOHN F.) ELEMENTARY                                           ARTESIA 100 Mile Club
LINCOLN ELEMENTARY                                                     ANAHEIM 100 Mile Club
STODDARD ELEMENTARY                                                    ANAHEIM 100 Mile Club
RUSKIN ELEMENTARY                                                      SAN JOSE 100 Mile Club
SPINELLI (CYRIL) ELEMENTARY                                            ANTELOPE 100 Mile Club
BUTTERFIELD RANCH ELEMENTARY                                           CHINO HILLS 100 Mile Club
CAMARENA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             CHULA VISTA 100 Mile Club
PALOMAR ELEMENTARY                                                     CHULA VISTA 100 Mile Club
D'ARCY (MICHAEL) ELEMENTARY                                            FONTANA 100 Mile Club
MANZANITA ELEMENTARY                                                   NEWBURY PARK 100 Mile Club
HOOVER (HERBERT) ELEMENTARY                                            INDIO 100 Mile Club
ELVERTA ELEMENTARY                                                     ELVERTA 100 Mile Club
MUNDY (NELDA) ELEMENTARY                                               FAIRFIELD 100 Mile Club
FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY                                                    SAN JOSE 100 Mile Club
MUIR ELEMENTARY                                                        FRESNO 100 Mile Club
WOODCREST ELEMENTARY                                                   FULLERTON 100 Mile Club
WORKMAN ELEMENTARY                                                     LA PUENTE 100 Mile Club
COTTONWOOD ELEMENTARY                                                  HESPERIA 100 Mile Club
LIME STREET ELEMENTARY                                                 HESPERIA 100 Mile Club
HICKMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              HICKMAN 100 Mile Club
JULIAN CHARTER                                                         JULIAN 100 Mile Club
JULIAN ELEMENTARY                                                      JULIAN 100 Mile Club
AMARGOSA CREEK MIDDLE                                                  LANCASTER 100 Mile Club
JOSHUA ELEMENTARY                                                      LANCASTER 100 Mile Club
LINCOLN ELEMENTARY                                                     LANCASTER 100 Mile Club
LINDA VERDE ELEMENTARY                                                 LANCASTER 100 Mile Club
MARIPOSA ELEMENTARY                                                    LANCASTER 100 Mile Club
PIUTE MIDDLE                                                           LANCASTER 100 Mile Club
WEST WIND ELEMENTARY                                                   LANCASTER 100 Mile Club
CALVERT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              WOODLAND HLS 100 Mile Club
CANFIELD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             LOS ANGELES 100 Mile Club
COHASSET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             VAN NUYS 100 Mile Club
DEARBORN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             NORTHRIDGE 100 Mile Club
DIXIE CANYON AVENUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                  SHERMAN OAKS 100 Mile Club
MARKHAM (EDWIN) MIDDLE                                                 LOS ANGELES 100 Mile Club
TOPEKA DRIVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         NORTHRIDGE 100 Mile Club
STELLA MIDDLE CHARTER ACADEMY                                          LOS ANGELES 100 Mile Club
LA JOLLA ELEMENTARY                                                    MORENO VALLEY 100 Mile Club
MOUNTAIN VIEW MIDDLE                                                   MORENO VALLEY 100 Mile Club
RAMONA ELEMENTARY                                                      MORENO VALLEY 100 Mile Club
SUGAR HILL ELEMENTARY                                                  MORENO VALLEY 100 Mile Club
SUNNYMEAD MIDDLE                                                       MORENO VALLEY 100 Mile Club
MT. DIABLO ELEMENTARY                                                  CLAYTON 100 Mile Club
RIVERVIEW MIDDLE                                                       BAY POINT 100 Mile Club
HAYNES (RICHARD) ELEMENTARY                                            ONTARIO 100 Mile Club
RIO VISTA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            CATHEDRAL CTY 100 Mile Club
PATTERSON JUNIOR HIGH                                                  PATTERSON 100 Mile Club
SIERRA VISTA ELEMENTARY                                                PLACENTIA 100 Mile Club
TYNES (JOHN O.) ELEMENTARY                                             PLACENTIA 100 Mile Club
VAN BUREN ELEMENTARY                                                   PLACENTIA 100 Mile Club
OCEAN VIEW CHRISTIAN ACADEMY                                           SAN DIEGO 100 Mile Club
BARNETT ELEMENTARY                                                     RAMONA 100 Mile Club
RAMONA COMMUNITY                                                       RAMONA 100 Mile Club
JUNIPER ACADEMY                                                        REDDING 100 Mile Club
GARCIA (ERNEST) ELEMENTARY                                             COLTON 100 Mile Club
COLONY OAK ELEMENTARY                                                  RIPON 100 Mile Club
WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY                                                  RIVERSIDE 100 Mile Club
CENTRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              SAN DIEGO 100 Mile Club
ROSA PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           SAN DIEGO 100 Mile Club
SAN DIEGO GLOBAL VISION ACAD                                           SAN DIEGO 100 Mile Club
SHERIDAN ELEMENTARY                                                    SAN FRANCISCO 100 Mile Club
ADAMS ELEMENTARY                                                       SANTA BARBARA 100 Mile Club
VAN DUZEN ELEMENTARY                                                   BRIDGEVILLE 100 Mile Club
TUSTIN RANCH ELEMENTARY                                                TUSTIN 100 Mile Club
VAL VERDE ELEMENTARY                                                   PERRIS 100 Mile Club
DE ANZA HIGH SCHOOL                                                    RICHMOND 100 Mile Club
MARIANA ELEMENTARY                                                     APPLE VALLEY Just Move
MORNINGSIDE                                                            DELANO Just Move
TERRACE ELEMENTARY                                                     DELANO Just Move
BUNCHE (RALPH) ELEMENTARY                                              CARSON Just Move
HARVEST ELEMENTARY                                                     DELANO Just Move
CHILDREN OF PROMISE PREP ACAD                                          INGLEWOOD Just Move
KINGS RIVER ELEMENTARY                                                 KINGSBURG Just Move
MILLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               LANCASTER Just Move
CORY (NANCY) ELEMENTARY                                                LANCASTER Just Move
ESPERANZA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LOS ANGELES Just Move
MACARTHUR PARK PRIMARY CENTER                                          LOS ANGELES Just Move
ROSEWOOD PARK ELEMENTARY                                               COMMERCE Just Move
MELROSE ELEMENTARY                                                     PLACENTIA Just Move
GATEWAY MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                  SAN FRANCISCO Just Move
TROTH STREET ELEMENTARY                                                MIRA LOMA BOKS
BAKEWELL PRIMARY CENTER                                                LOS ANGELES BOKS
HARMON JOHNSON ELEMENTARY                                              SACRAMENTO BOKS


VAN DELLEN CHRISTIAN ELEMENTAR                                         DENVER 100 Mile Club
CORONADO HILLS ELEM SCHOOL                                             DENVER 100 Mile Club
LEROY DRIVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          NORTHGLENN 100 Mile Club
LAREDO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               AURORA 100 Mile Club
OTHO STUART MIDDLE SCHOOL                                              COMMERCE CITY 100 Mile Club
WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           CANON CITY 100 Mile Club
CHEYENNE MTN CHARTER ACADEMY                                           COLORADO SPGS 100 Mile Club
ASBURY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               DENVER 100 Mile Club
DORA MOORE K-8                                                         DENVER 100 Mile Club
EAGLETON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             DENVER 100 Mile Club
GREENLEE/METRO LAB ELEM SCHOOL                                         DENVER 100 Mile Club
KNAPP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                DENVER 100 Mile Club
KNIGHT FUNDAMENTAL ACADEMY AT HALLETT                                  DENVER 100 Mile Club
UNIVERSITY PARK ELEMENTARY                                             DENVER 100 Mile Club
WYATT-EDISON CHARTER ELEM SCHL                                         DENVER 100 Mile Club
BRICKER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              COLORADO SPGS 100 Mile Club
FREMONT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              ARVADA 100 Mile Club
JEFFCO 21ST VIRTUAL ACADEMY                                            GOLDEN 100 Mile Club
PATTERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LAKEWOOD 100 Mile Club
SHELTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              GOLDEN 100 Mile Club
SOUTH LAKEWOOD ELEM SCHOOL                                             LAKEWOOD 100 Mile Club
SWANSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              ARVADA 100 Mile Club
MEEKER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               MEEKER 100 Mile Club
BILL METZ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            MONTE VISTA 100 Mile Club
MARSH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                MONTE VISTA 100 Mile Club
HYGIENE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              LONGMONT 100 Mile Club
ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELEM SCHOOL                                             LONGMONT 100 Mile Club
BIG THOMPSON ELEM SCHOOL                                               LOVELAND 100 Mile Club
IVY STOCKWELL ELEM SCHOOL                                              BERTHOUD 100 Mile Club
VAN BUREN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LOVELAND 100 Mile Club
KENTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               AURORA Just Move
DEER TRAIL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           DEER TRAIL Just Move
EDISON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               DENVER Just Move
RIDGEVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            COLORADO SPGS Just Move
WEST JEFFERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL                                           CONIFER Just Move
MARY BLAIR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           LOVELAND Just Move
ROLLING HILLS ELEM SCHOOL                                              AURORA BOKS
PINNACLE CHARTER ELEMENTARY                                            FEDERAL HGTS BOKS
REMINGTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            COLORADO SPGS BOKS
BILLIE MARTINEZ ELEM SCHOOL                                            GREELEY BOKS
SHAFFER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              LITTLETON BOKS
O'DEA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                FORT COLLINS BOKS
SOMERLID ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             PUEBLO BOKS
ERIE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                 ERIE BOKS


INTRDIST SCH FOR ARTS AND COMM                                         NEW LONDON 100 Mile Club
MULTICULTURAL MAGNET SCHOOL                                            NEW LONDON 100 Mile Club
EAST ROCK COMMUNITY MAGNET SCHOOL                                      HAMDEN 100 Mile Club
TARIFFVILLE SCHOOL                                                     TARIFFVILLE 100 Mile Club
DERYNOSKI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            SOUTHINGTON 100 Mile Club
HAMPTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              HAMPTON BOKS
MACDONOUGH SCHOOL                                                      MIDDLETOWN BOKS
SALEM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                SALEM BOKS


LAFAYETTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            WASHINGTON 100 Mile Club
MAURY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                WASHINGTON 100 Mile Club
TREE OF LIFE PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL                                     WASHINGTON 100 Mile Club
KIPP DC-KEY ACADEMY                                                    WASHINGTON Just Move
WATKINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              WASHINGTON BOKS


EVAN G. SHORTLIDGE ACADEMY                                             WILMINGTON 100 Mile Club
SUNNYSIDE ELEMENTARY                                                   SMYRNA 100 Mile Club
MILTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               MILTON Just Move
RICHARDSON PARK LEARNING CENTER                                        WILMINGTON Just Move


AMERICAN YOUTH ACADEMY                                                 TAMPA 100 Mile Club
BOZEMAN k-12 school                                                    PANAMA CITY 100 Mile Club
CROTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               MELBOURNE 100 Mile Club
RAMBLEWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           CORAL SPRINGS 100 Mile Club
RIVER CITY SCIENCE ACADEMY ES                                          JACKSONVILLE 100 Mile Club
JACKSONVILLE BEACH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                   JAXVILLE BCH 100 Mile Club
KERNAN TRAIL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         JACKSONVILLE 100 Mile Club
MOLINO PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          MOLINO 100 Mile Club
OLD KINGS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            FLAGLER BEACH 100 Mile Club
ACADEMY FOR POSITIVE LEARNING                                          LAKE WORTH 100 Mile Club
CHARTER SCHOOL AT WATERSTONE                                           HOMESTEAD 100 Mile Club
WINGATE OAKS CENTER                                                    FT LAUDERDALE 100 Mile Club
MULLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               TAMPA 100 Mile Club
BONITA SPRINGS PREP & FIT ACAD                                         BONITA SPGS 100 Mile Club
APALACHEE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            TALLAHASSEE 100 Mile Club
OAK RIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            TALLAHASSEE 100 Mile Club
B D GULLETT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          BRADENTON 100 Mile Club
ANNA MARIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           HOLMES BEACH 100 Mile Club
BLACKBURN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            PALMETTO 100 Mile Club
FRANCES WAKELAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                     BRADENTON 100 Mile Club
ROBERT E. WILLIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                     BRADENTON 100 Mile Club
JAMES H. BRIGHT/J.W. JOHNSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                         HIALEAH 100 Mile Club
MIAMI LAKES k-8 school                                                 MIAMI LAKES 100 Mile Club
NORTH BEACH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          MIAMI BEACH 100 Mile Club
SOUTH POINTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         MIAMI BEACH 100 Mile Club
AVALON MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                   ORLANDO 100 Mile Club
BROOKSHIRE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           WINTER PARK 100 Mile Club
OCOEE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                OCOEE 100 Mile Club
WINDY RIDGE K-8 SCHOOL                                                 ORLANDO 100 Mile Club
GREENACRES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           GREENACRES 100 Mile Club
WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           RIVIERA BEACH 100 Mile Club
DENHAM OAKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          LUTZ 100 Mile Club
NEW RIVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            WESLEY CHAPEL 100 Mile Club
FRONTIER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             CLEARWATER 100 Mile Club
PLUMB ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                CLEARWATER 100 Mile Club
EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL OF CHRIST                                         PENSACOLA 100 Mile Club
ORLANDO JUNIOR ACADEMY                                                 ORLANDO 100 Mile Club
ROCK SOLID CHRISTIAN ACADEMY                                           OKEECHOBEE 100 Mile Club
SOLOMON SCHECHTER DAY SCHOOL                                           JACKSONVILLE 100 Mile Club
ST JOSEPH SCHOOL-TAMPA                                                 TAMPA 100 Mile Club
GOCIO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                SARASOTA 100 Mile Club
PATHWAYS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             ORMOND BEACH 100 Mile Club
SAWGRASS SPRINGS MIDDLE SCHOOL                                         CORAL SPRINGS Just Move
BUNNELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              BUNNELL Just Move
TRINITY CHARTER SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN                                    TAMPA Just Move
WALTON ACADEMY                                                         TAMPA Just Move
FT MYERS PREP & FITNESS ACAD                                           FORT MYERS Just Move
WEST TAMPA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           TAMPA Just Move
LAFAYETTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            MAYO Just Move
CAPE CORAL PREP & FITNESS ACAD                                         CAPE CORAL Just Move
ROWLETT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              BRADENTON Just Move
SPARR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                ANTHONY Just Move
ADVANTAGE ACADEMY-SANTA FE                                             KENDALL Just Move
LAKE ALFRED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          LAKE ALFRED Just Move
ROSARIAN ACADEMY                                                       WEST PALM BCH Just Move
ZION LUTHERAN CHRISTIAN SCH                                            DEERFIELD BCH Just Move
PINECREST CREEK CHARTER SCHOOL                                         ORLANDO BOKS
ST. ANDREW SCHOOL                                                      PANAMA CITY BOKS
LECANTO PRIMARY SCHOOL                                                 LECANTO BOKS
SAN PABLO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            JAXVILLE BCH BOKS
ARCOLA LAKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          MIAMI BOKS
S. D. SPADY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          DELRAY BEACH BOKS
BERKLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              AUBURNDALE BOKS


HERITAGE ACADEMY ELEMENTARY                                            ATLANTA 100 Mile Club
BELLS FERRY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          MARIETTA 100 Mile Club
BIG SHANTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           KENNESAW 100 Mile Club
BLACK'S MILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         DAWSONVILLE 100 Mile Club
SHERWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             ALBANY 100 Mile Club
SHILOH POINT ELEMENTARY                                                CUMMING 100 Mile Club
BARNWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             JOHNS CREEK 100 Mile Club
STONEWALL TELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       COLLEGE PARK 100 Mile Club
SARA M. RAGSDALE ELEMENTARY                                            ROCKMART 100 Mile Club
UNION ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                TEMPLE 100 Mile Club
BARNES ACADEMY                                                         HARTWELL 100 Mile Club
KIMBERLY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             ATLANTA Just Move
PARKSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             ATLANTA Just Move
KENNESAW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             KENNESAW Just Move
HAMILTON E. HOLMES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                   EAST POINT Just Move
NORTH HART ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           BOWERSVILLE Just Move
ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL INC                                              ATLANTA BOKS
COLUMBIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             DECATUR BOKS
FURTAH PREPARATORY SCHOOL                                              ACWORTH BOKS


KAHALUU ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              KANEOHE 100 Mile Club


LINCOLN ELEM SCH                                                       ALBIA 100 Mile Club
AINSWORTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            AINSWORTH 100 Mile Club
NORTH IOWA ELEM BUFFALO CENTER                                         BUFFALO CTR 100 Mile Club
LIBERTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              SIOUX CITY 100 Mile Club
GERALD W KIRN MIDDLE SCHOOL                                            COUNCIL BLFS BOKS


MOUNTAIN VALLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                      AMMON 100 Mile Club
CULDESAC SCHOOL                                                        CULDESAC 100 Mile Club
MIDWAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               MENAN 100 Mile Club
STAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                 STAR 100 Mile Club
GATE CITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            POCATELLO 100 Mile Club
MADISON MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                  REXBURG Just Move


KENNETH MURPHY ELEM SCHOOL                                             BEACH PARK 100 Mile Club
LEWIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                CARBONDALE 100 Mile Club
CHASE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                CHICAGO 100 Mile Club
KINZIE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               CHICAGO 100 Mile Club
LORCA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                CHICAGO 100 Mile Club
OGDEN INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL                                        CHICAGO 100 Mile Club
SAUCEDO ELEMENTARY SCHOLASTIC ACADEMY                                  CHICAGO 100 Mile Club
SKINNER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - NORTH                                      CHICAGO 100 Mile Club
SKINNER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - WEST                                       CHICAGO 100 Mile Club
WHITE ELEMENTARY CAREER ACADEMY                                        CHICAGO 100 Mile Club
FREDERICK SCHOOL                                                       GRAYSLAKE 100 Mile Club
RICHMOND ELEM SCHOOL                                                   SAINT CHARLES 100 Mile Club
BARDWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             AURORA 100 Mile Club
DIETERICH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            AURORA 100 Mile Club
GATES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                AURORA 100 Mile Club
HERMES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               AURORA 100 Mile Club
JOHNSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              AURORA 100 Mile Club
ROLLINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              AURORA 100 Mile Club
FREEPORT JR HIGH SCHOOL                                                FREEPORT 100 Mile Club
LAVERNA EVANS ELEM SCHOOL                                              O FALLON 100 Mile Club
WHITTIER PRIMARY SCHOOL                                                PEORIA 100 Mile Club
KEITH COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL                                               ROCKFORD 100 Mile Club
ST JOHNS LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                               CNTRY CLB HLS 100 Mile Club
RIVERDALE ELEM SCHOOL                                                  PORT BYRON 100 Mile Club
LINCOLN ELEM SCHOOL                                                    ROCHELLE 100 Mile Club
WHARTON FIFTH GRADE CENTER                                             SUMMIT 100 Mile Club
WEST CARROLL MIDDLE SCHOOL                                             MOUNT CARROLL 100 Mile Club
CLAY ACADEMY                                                           WOODSTOCK 100 Mile Club
VERDA DIERZEN EARLY LEARNING CENTER                                    WOODSTOCK 100 Mile Club
ACADEMY ST BENEDICT-AFRICAN                                            CHICAGO Just Move
ST MALACHY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           CHICAGO Just Move
BURR OAK ELEM SCHOOL                                                   CALUMET PARK Just Move
CLAREMONT ACADEMY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                    CHICAGO Just Move
J. WARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              CHICAGO Just Move
MITCHELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             CHICAGO Just Move
PULASKI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF CHICAGO                                CHICAGO Just Move
RUPLEY ELEM SCHOOL                                                     ELK GROVE VLG Just Move
GRAFTON ELEM SCHOOL                                                    GRAFTON Just Move
LORENZO R SMITH ELEM SCHOOL                                            HOPKINS PARK Just Move
JEFFERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                SPRINGFIELD Just Move
WASHINGTON ELEM SCHOOL                                                 WAUKEGAN Just Move
EVERGREEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            CAROL STREAM BOKS
DEVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                CHICAGO BOKS
MOZART ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               CHICAGO BOKS
PRESCOTT ELEMENTARY MAGNET SCHOOL                                      CHICAGO BOKS


SAINT ANTHONY DE PADUA SCHOOL                                          SOUTH BEND 100 Mile Club
CLARENCE L FARRINGTON MIDDLE SCHL                                      INDIANAPOLIS 100 Mile Club
ELDER W DIGGS SCHOOL 42                                                INDIANAPOLIS 100 Mile Club
BOULEVARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            KOKOMO 100 Mile Club
SUNNYSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                LAFAYETTE 100 Mile Club
WALDRON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              WALDRON 100 Mile Club
OUR LADY OF GRACE SCHOOL                                               NOBLESVILLE Just Move
ST BONIFACE SCHOOL                                                     LAFAYETTE Just Move
JAMES A GARFIELD SCH 31                                                INDIANAPOLIS Just Move
MARY E NICHOLSON SCHOOL 70                                             INDIANAPOLIS Just Move
MERLE SIDENER MIDDLE SCHOOL                                            INDIANAPOLIS Just Move
THOMAS D GREGG SCHOOL 15                                               INDIANAPOLIS Just Move
GARDEN CITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          INDIANAPOLIS Just Move
ANDREW J BROWN ACADEMY                                                 INDIANAPOLIS BOKS
ELEANOR SKILLEN SCHOOL 34                                              INDIANAPOLIS BOKS
GEORGE BUCK ELEMENTARY SCH 94                                          INDIANAPOLIS BOKS
LOUIS B RUSSELL JR SCHOOL 48                                           INDIANAPOLIS BOKS


ST JOHN CATHOLIC SCHOOL                                                LAWRENCE 100 Mile Club
BENTLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL                                                 BENTLEY 100 Mile Club
NOBLE PRENTIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        KANSAS CITY 100 Mile Club
ANTHONY ELEM                                                           LEAVENWORTH 100 Mile Club
NEOSHO HGTS ELEM                                                       OSWEGO 100 Mile Club
HYMAN BRAND HEBREW ACADEMY                                             OVERLAND PARK 100 Mile Club
WESTMORELAND ELEM                                                      WESTMORELAND 100 Mile Club
EISENHOWER MIDDLE SCHOOL                                               TOPEKA 100 Mile Club
MEADOWS ELEMENTARY                                                     TOPEKA 100 Mile Club
ANDERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             WICHITA 100 Mile Club
MADISON ELEMENTARY                                                     GARDNER Just Move
RILEY ELEM                                                             GREAT BEND Just Move
OUR LADY OF UNITY SCHOOL                                               KANSAS CITY Just Move
RESURRECTION CATHOLIC SCHOOL                                           KANSAS CITY BOKS
ROSE HILL PRIMARY                                                      ROSE HILL BOKS
LAWRENCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             WICHITA BOKS


ADAIR CO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             COLUMBIA 100 Mile Club
SAFFELL STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       LAWRENCEBURG 100 Mile Club
HAGER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                ASHLAND 100 Mile Club
MARTIN LUTHER KING JR ES                                               HOPKINSVILLE 100 Mile Club
LATONIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              COVINGTON 100 Mile Club
OUR LADY OF THE MOUNTAINS SCH                                          PAINTSVILLE 100 Mile Club
LEGRANDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             HORSE CAVE 100 Mile Club
EAST HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         HENDERSON 100 Mile Club
BLUE LICK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LOUISVILLE 100 Mile Club
CHURCHILL PARK REHABILITATION CENTER                                   LOUISVILLE 100 Mile Club
FOSTER TRADITIONAL ACADEMY                                             LOUISVILLE 100 Mile Club
GREATHOUSE SHRYOCK TRAD ELEM SCHOOL                                    LOUISVILLE 100 Mile Club
BEAVER CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         TOPMOST 100 Mile Club
EMMALENA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             TINA 100 Mile Club
LETCHER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              LETCHER 100 Mile Club
EZEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                 EZEL 100 Mile Club
MORGAN CENTRAL ELEMENTARY                                              WEST LIBERTY 100 Mile Club
SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            TOLER 100 Mile Club
PLEASANT VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        WILLIAMSBURG 100 Mile Club
WHITLEY COUNTY NORTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                 ROCKHOLDS 100 Mile Club
CAMPTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              CAMPTON 100 Mile Club
HUNTERTOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           VERSAILLES 100 Mile Club
BELMONT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              HOPKINSVILLE Just Move
WEST IRVINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       IRVINE Just Move
MEADOW VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          RADCLIFF Just Move
GREENWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LOUISVILLE Just Move
WHEATLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             LOUISVILLE Just Move
LYON COUNTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          EDDYVILLE Just Move
KINGSTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             BEREA Just Move
SACRAMENTO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           SACRAMENTO Just Move
ROGERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               ROGERS Just Move
CLARK MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                    WINCHESTER BOKS
BRANDEIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             LOUISVILLE BOKS
GUTERMUTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LOUISVILLE BOKS
HAWTHORNE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LOUISVILLE BOKS
HAZELWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LOUISVILLE BOKS
GREENVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           GREENVILLE BOKS


WESTMINSTER CHRISTIAN ACADEMY                                          LAFAYETTE 100 Mile Club
ATKINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               SHREVEPORT 100 Mile Club
FOREST HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          SHREVEPORT 100 Mile Club
PEARL WATSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         LAKE CHARLES 100 Mile Club
CHILDREN'S CHARTER SCHOOL                                              BATON ROUGE 100 Mile Club
MATH SCI & ARTS ACADEMY-WEST                                           PLAQUEMINE 100 Mile Club
AUDUBON CHARTER SCHOOL-BROADWAY CAMPUS                                 NEW ORLEANS 100 Mile Club
NORTHWESTERN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         ZACHARY 100 Mile Club
ROLLINS PLACE ELEMENTARY                                               ZACHARY 100 Mile Club
BARRET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               SHREVEPORT Just Move
ELLA DOLHONDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        METAIRIE Just Move


LATHAM SCHOOL                                                          BREWSTER 100 Mile Club
HIGH PLAIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           ANDOVER 100 Mile Club
MALONEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              BLACKSTONE 100 Mile Club
GARDNER PILOT ACAD                                                     ALLSTON 100 Mile Club
HAYNES EARLY EDUCATION CTR                                             ROXBURY 100 Mile Club
ROOSEVELT K-8                                                          HYDE PARK 100 Mile Club
CAMBRIDGEPORT                                                          CAMBRIDGE 100 Mile Club
TRI-COUNTY SCHOOLS                                                     EASTHAMPTON 100 Mile Club
LEICESTER PRIMARY SCHOOL                                               LEICESTER 100 Mile Club
COMPREHENSIVE GRAMMAR SCHOOL                                           METHUEN 100 Mile Club
SWIFT RIVER                                                            NEW SALEM 100 Mile Club
FRANCIS T BRESNAHAN ELEM                                               NEWBURYPORT 100 Mile Club
ORLEANS ELEMENTARY                                                     ORLEANS 100 Mile Club
AUGUSTINE C WHELAN MEM                                                 REVERE 100 Mile Club
FORESTDALE                                                             FORESTDALE 100 Mile Club
ELIAS BROOKINGS                                                        SPRINGFIELD 100 Mile Club
RALPH TALBOT                                                           WEYMOUTH 100 Mile Club
EUGENE C VINING                                                        BILLERICA Just Move
DEVER ES                                                               DORCHESTER Just Move
ROOSEVELT                                                              MELROSE Just Move
WOODLAND                                                               MILFORD Just Move
ARTHUR D. HEALEY SCHOOL                                                SOMERVILLE Just Move
DRYDEN MEMORIAL                                                        SPRINGFIELD Just Move
ST BRIDGET SCHOOL                                                      ABINGTON BOKS
RALPH D BUTLER                                                         AVON BOKS
CLARA MACY ELEMENTARY                                                  BELLINGHAM BOKS
SOUTH ELEM                                                             BELLINGHAM BOKS
STALL BROOK                                                            BELLINGHAM BOKS
HALE ES                                                                ROXBURY BOKS
PERRY K-8                                                              SOUTH BOSTON BOKS
QUINCY ES                                                              BOSTON BOKS
SUMNER ES                                                              ROSLINDALE BOKS
WARREN/PRESCOTT K-8                                                    CHARLESTOWN BOKS
SOUTH SHORE CHARTER SCHOOL                                             NORWELL BOKS
CONWAY GRAMMAR                                                         CONWAY BOKS
GORDON W MITCHELL                                                      E BRIDGEWTR BOKS
VINCENT M IGO ELEM                                                     FOXBORO BOKS
POTTER ROAD                                                            FRAMINGHAM BOKS
DOROTHY M BREOR ELEM                                                   HATFIELD BOKS
GERARD A GUILMETTE ELEM SCHOOL                                         LAWRENCE BOKS
DALE STREET                                                            MEDFIELD BOKS
HORACE MANN                                                            MELROSE BOKS
CLYDE F. BROWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       MILLIS BOKS
FRANKLIN                                                               WEST NEWTON BOKS
J TURNER HOOD                                                          NORTH READING BOKS
LINCOLN STREET                                                         NORTHBOROUGH BOKS
MARION E ZEH                                                           NORTHBOROUGH BOKS
MEMORIAL PARK                                                          ROCKLAND BOKS
HEATH-BROOK                                                            TEWKSBURY BOKS
THOMAS R PLYMPTON ELEMENTARY S                                         WALTHAM BOKS
MINOT FOREST                                                           WAREHAM BOKS
HUNNEWELL                                                              WELLESLEY BOKS
ACADEMY AVENUE                                                         WEYMOUTH BOKS
MURACO                                                                 WINCHESTER BOKS


CREATIVE CITY PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL                                    BALTIMORE 100 Mile Club
JOHN RUHRAH ELEMENTARY                                                 BALTIMORE 100 Mile Club
PRETTYBOY ELEMENTARY                                                   FREELAND 100 Mile Club
SOUTH LAKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           GAITHERSBURG 100 Mile Club
KENILWORTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           BOWIE 100 Mile Club
EXCELLENCE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL                                            UPPR MARLBORO 100 Mile Club
ESPERANZA MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                LEXINGTON PK 100 Mile Club
POCOMOKE ELEMENTARY                                                    POCOMOKE CITY 100 Mile Club
WOODMOOR ELEMENTARY                                                    BALTIMORE Just Move
WILLIAM GIBBS, JR. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                   GERMANTOWN Just Move
ST FRANCIS DESALES SCHOOL                                              SALISBURY Just Move
EVERGREEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            CALIFORNIA Just Move
PRINCE STREET SCHOOL                                                   SALISBURY Just Move
HIGHLAND PARK ELEMENTARY                                               LANDOVER BOKS


CTR FOR TEACHING & LEARNING                                            EDGECOMB 100 Mile Club
LURA LIBBY SCHOOL                                                      THOMASTON 100 Mile Club
HARTLAND CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL                                           HARTLAND 100 Mile Club
SKILLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              S PORTLAND 100 Mile Club
STEVENS BROOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        BRIDGTON Just Move
HOLLIS SCHOOL                                                          HOLLIS CENTER Just Move
DR LEVESQUE SCHOOL                                                     FRENCHVILLE Just Move


FRIENDS SCHOOL IN DETROIT                                              DETROIT 100 Mile Club
LUDINGTON AREA CATHOLIC SCHOOL                                         LUDINGTON 100 Mile Club
THREE LAKES ACADEMY                                                    CURTIS 100 Mile Club
CALVIN COOLIDGE SCHOOL                                                 FERNDALE 100 Mile Club
BURGER DEVELOPMENT CENTER                                              GARDEN CITY 100 Mile Club
GRAND RAPIDS CHRISTIAN MIDDLE SCHOOL                                   GRAND RAPIDS 100 Mile Club
EMERALD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              MANISTIQUE 100 Mile Club
STARR DETROIT ACADEMY                                                  HARPER WOODS 100 Mile Club
ML WINANS ACADEMY OF PERFORM                                           DETROIT 100 Mile Club
KIMBALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              KIMBALL 100 Mile Club
OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN SCHOOL - GRAND RAPIDS                              GRAND RAPIDS 100 Mile Club
ZION LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                                   HARBOR BEACH 100 Mile Club
REETHS-PUFFER MIDDLE SCHOOL                                            MUSKEGON 100 Mile Club
VANDENBERG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           SOUTHFIELD 100 Mile Club
BRITTON-MACON AREA SCHOOL                                              BRITTON Just Move
ALL SAINTS ACADEMY                                                     GRAND RAPIDS Just Move
MARY A. WHITE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        GRAND HAVEN Just Move
PRINCETON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            ST CLR SHORES Just Move
MT CLEMENS MONTESSORI ACADEMY                                          MOUNT CLEMENS Just Move
ST PETER LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                               HEMLOCK Just Move
PEACH PLAINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         GRAND HAVEN BOKS


CONVENT OF THE VISITATION SCHOOL                                       MENDOTA HTS 100 Mile Club
GUARDIAN ANGELS CATHOLIC SCHOOL                                        CHASKA 100 Mile Club
HORACE MAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           BEMIDJI 100 Mile Club
PARKSIDE ELEM SCHOOL                                                   BUFFALO 100 Mile Club
MEADOWBROOK ELEM                                                       GOLDEN VALLEY 100 Mile Club
LAKEVIEW SCHOOL                                                        COTTONWOOD 100 Mile Club
LUCY CRAFT LANEY SCHOOL                                                MINNEAPOLIS 100 Mile Club
PRATT CMTY SCHOOL                                                      MINNEAPOLIS 100 Mile Club
OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                             EXCELSIOR 100 Mile Club
PARK BROOK ELEM                                                        BROOKLYN PARK 100 Mile Club
BAY VIEW ELEM SCHOOL                                                   DULUTH 100 Mile Club
ECHO PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            BURNSVILLE 100 Mile Club
STAPLES ELEM SCHOOL                                                    STAPLES 100 Mile Club
LAKE ELMO ELEM                                                         LAKE ELMO 100 Mile Club
PEARSON ELEM SCHOOL                                                    WHEATON 100 Mile Club
PAUL BUNYAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          BEMIDJI Just Move
PLEASANTVIEW ELEM SCHOOL                                               LAKEFIELD Just Move
JORDAN ELEM SCHOOL                                                     JORDAN Just Move
LAKE CRYSTAL-WELLCOME MEM ES                                           LAKE CRYSTAL Just Move
JEFFERSON ELEM SCHOOL                                                  WINONA Just Move
WATERVILLE ELEM SCHOOL                                                 WATERVILLE BOKS


CHRIST COMMUNITY LUTHERAN SCH                                          WEBSTER GRVS 100 Mile Club
ST MARGARET MARY ALACOQUE SCH                                          SAINT LOUIS 100 Mile Club
BOLIVAR INTERMEDIATE SCH.                                              BOLIVAR 100 Mile Club
ATHENA ELEM.                                                           DE SOTO 100 Mile Club
WM. R. CAPPEL ELEM.                                                    MOSCOW MILLS 100 Mile Club
POINT ELEM.                                                            SAINT LOUIS 100 Mile Club
ROBERTSVILLE ELEM.                                                     ROBERTSVILLE 100 Mile Club
GORDON PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         KANSAS CITY 100 Mile Club
NIANGUA SCHOOL                                                         NIANGUA 100 Mile Club
SALEM UPPER ELEM.                                                      SALEM 100 Mile Club
BROWN ELEM.                                                            FLORISSANT Just Move
COLD WATER ELEM.                                                       FLORISSANT Just Move
LAWSON ELEM.                                                           FLORISSANT Just Move
NORTHVIEW ELEM.                                                        JENNINGS Just Move
BENJAMIN BANNEKER CHARTER ACAD                                         KANSAS CITY Just Move
NORTH WOOD ELEM.                                                       SALEM Just Move
GREEN TRAILS ELEM.                                                     CHESTERFIELD Just Move
WILLOW SPRINGS ELEM.                                                   WILLOW SPGS Just Move
IMMANUEL LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                               JEFFERSON CTY BOKS


WATKINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              JACKSON 100 Mile Club
NEW ALBANY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           NEW ALBANY 100 Mile Club
LAKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                 JACKSON Just Move


WASHINGTON SCHOOL                                                      BILLINGS 100 Mile Club


CHARLOTTE JEWISH DAY SCHOOL                                            CHARLOTTE 100 Mile Club
COUNTRYSIDE MONTESSORI SCHOOL                                          CHARLOTTE 100 Mile Club
R HOMER ANDREWS ELEMENTARY                                             BURLINGTON 100 Mile Club
HALL FLETCHER ELEMENTARY                                               ASHEVILLE 100 Mile Club
IRA B JONES PRIMARY                                                    ASHEVILLE 100 Mile Club
ELIZABETHTOWN PRIMARY                                                  ELIZABETHTOWN 100 Mile Club
PERRY W HARRISON ELEMENTARY                                            PITTSBORO 100 Mile Club
ARTHUR W EDWARDS ELEMENTARY                                            HAVELOCK 100 Mile Club
C C SPAULDING ELEMENTARY                                               DURHAM 100 Mile Club
EASLEY ELEMENTARY                                                      DURHAM 100 Mile Club
MOREHEAD MONTESSORI                                                    DURHAM 100 Mile Club
Y E SMITH ELEMENTARY                                                   DURHAM 100 Mile Club
J. C. SAWYER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         ELIZABETH CTY 100 Mile Club
OLD RICHMOND ELEMENTARY                                                TOBACCOVILLE 100 Mile Club
PICKETT PRIMARY                                                        LEXINGTON 100 Mile Club
S RAY LOWDER ELEMENTARY                                                LINCOLNTON 100 Mile Club
CENTRAL PARK SCH FOR CHILDREN                                          DURHAM 100 Mile Club
KIPP CHARLOTTE                                                         CHARLOTTE 100 Mile Club
POLK CENTRAL                                                           MILL SPRING 100 Mile Club
JOHN W DILLARD PRIMARY                                                 MADISON 100 Mile Club
WILLIAMSBURG ELEMENTARY                                                REIDSVILLE 100 Mile Club
THOMASVILLE PRIMARY SCHOOL                                             THOMASVILLE 100 Mile Club
EASTLAWN ELEMENTARY                                                    BURLINGTON Just Move
TRAMWAY ELEMENTARY                                                     SANFORD Just Move
SOUTHWEST ELEMENTARY                                                   LEXINGTON Just Move
RACHEL FREEMAN ELEMENTARY                                              WILMINGTON Just Move
GASTON COLLEGE PREPARATORY                                             GASTON Just Move
HUNTSVILLE ELEMENTARY                                                  MADISON Just Move
EASTWAY ELEMENTARY                                                     DURHAM BOKS


CARRINGTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           CARRINGTON 100 Mile Club


CALVERT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              AUBURN 100 Mile Club
CENTRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              KEARNEY 100 Mile Club
ZEMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                LINCOLN 100 Mile Club
WOOD RIVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           WOOD RIVER 100 Mile Club
INDIAN RIVER SCHOOL                                                    CANAAN 100 Mile Club
CONESTOGA ELEM SCHOOL-MURRAY                                           MURRAY Just Move
NORTH AMERICAN MARTYRS                                                 LINCOLN Just Move


WESTMORELAND SCHOOL                                                    WESTMORELAND 100 Mile Club
ERROL CONSOLIDATED ELEMENTARY                                          ERROL 100 Mile Club
FRED C UNDERHILL SCHOOL                                                HOOKSETT 100 Mile Club
SEACOAST CHARTER SCHOOL                                                KINGSTON Just Move


EDEN INSTITUTE                                                         PRINCETON 100 Mile Club
CHELSEA HEIGHTS                                                        ATLANTIC CITY 100 Mile Club
THIRD STREET                                                           BELVIDERE 100 Mile Club
FLORENCE V EVANS                                                       MARLTON 100 Mile Club
FRANCIS LORE                                                           EWING 100 Mile Club
DR. PAUL RAFALIDES SCHOOL - PS 33                                      JERSEY CITY 100 Mile Club
RIVERTON                                                               RIVERTON 100 Mile Club
SETH BOYDEN                                                            MAPLEWOOD 100 Mile Club
ETHICAL COMMUNITY CHARTER SCH                                          JERSEY CITY Just Move
JOHN FENWICK                                                           SALEM Just Move
BRADLEY BEACH ELEMENTARY                                               BRADLEY BEACH BOKS
BROAD STREET SCHOOL                                                    GIBBSTOWN BOKS
DR LENA EDWARDS ACADEMIC CS                                            JERSEY CITY BOKS


SIERRA VISTA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         ALBUQUERQUE 100 Mile Club
TIERRA ANTIGUA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       ALBUQUERQUE 100 Mile Club
CHEE DODGE ELEM                                                        YATAHEY 100 Mile Club
GALLINA ELEM                                                           GALLINA 100 Mile Club
JEMEZ VALLEY ELEM                                                      JEMEZ PUEBLO 100 Mile Club
PARKVIEW ELEM.                                                         SOCORRO 100 Mile Club
CALVARY CHAPEL CHRISTIAN ACAD                                          BELEN Just Move
FAIRACRES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LAS CRUCES Just Move


BRAY/BORDEWICH ELEMENTARY                                              CARSON CITY 100 Mile Club
FRITSCH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              CARSON CITY 100 Mile Club
DORIS HANCOCK ELEMENTARY                                               LAS VEGAS 100 Mile Club
GUILD GRAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           LAS VEGAS 100 Mile Club
LAURA DEARING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        LAS VEGAS 100 Mile Club
MANUEL J CORTEZ ELEMENTARY                                             LAS VEGAS 100 Mile Club
REYNALDO MARTINEZ ELEMENTARY                                           N LAS VEGAS 100 Mile Club
WALTER BRACKEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       LAS VEGAS 100 Mile Club
BECK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                 RENO 100 Mile Club
SARAH WINNEMUCCA ELEMENTARY                                            RENO 100 Mile Club
TAYLOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               SPARKS 100 Mile Club
LUCILLE ROGERS ELEMENTARY                                              LAS VEGAS Just Move
CRESTWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LAS VEGAS BOKS


IMMACULATE CONCEPTION SCHOOL                                           ITHACA 100 Mile Club
ST AMELIA SCHOOL                                                       TONAWANDA 100 Mile Club
RAPHAEL J. MCNULTY ES                                                  AMSTERDAM 100 Mile Club
CATO-MERIDIAN ES                                                       CATO 100 Mile Club
CHENANGO BRIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                      BINGHAMTON 100 Mile Club
CLEVELAND HILL ES                                                      CHEEKTOWAGA 100 Mile Club
CENTRE AVE ES                                                          EAST ROCKAWAY 100 Mile Club
ROBERT H. JACKSON ES                                                   FREWSBURG 100 Mile Club
ALTAMONT ES                                                            ALTAMONT 100 Mile Club
LYNNWOOD ES                                                            SCHENECTADY 100 Mile Club
HALDANE SCHOOL                                                         COLD SPRING 100 Mile Club
FAIRLEY SCHOOL                                                         HANNIBAL 100 Mile Club
KENNEY MS                                                              HANNIBAL 100 Mile Club
WILLOW GROVE MS                                                        THIELLS 100 Mile Club
BELLE SHERMAN SCHOOL                                                   ITHACA 100 Mile Club
LISBON CENTRAL SCHOOL                                                  LISBON 100 Mile Club
LYNCOURT SCHOOL                                                        SYRACUSE 100 Mile Club
MORRISVILLE MS HS                                                      MORRISVILLE 100 Mile Club
PS 182 BILINGUAL/BICULTURAL SCHOOL                                     NEW YORK 100 Mile Club
PS 115 - DANIEL MUCATEL SCHOOL                                         BROOKLYN 100 Mile Club
PS  40 SAMUEL HUNTINGTON SCHOOL                                        JAMAICA 100 Mile Club
PS 30 THE WESTERLEIGH SCHOOL                                           STATEN ISLAND 100 Mile Club
THEODORE ROOSEVELT SCHOOL                                              OYSTER BAY 100 Mile Club
WILSON HS-FOUNDATION ACADEMY                                           ROCHESTER 100 Mile Club
HARBOR HILL SCHOOL                                                     GREENVALE 100 Mile Club
SHERMAN CENTRAL SCHOOL                                                 SHERMAN 100 Mile Club
VESTAL HILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         VESTAL 100 Mile Club
COHOCTON ES                                                            COHOCTON 100 Mile Club
WHITE PLAINS SHS                                                       WHITE PLAINS 100 Mile Club
MARTIN LUTHER KING ES                                                  WYANDANCH 100 Mile Club
DELAWARE COMMUNITY SCHOOL                                              ALBANY Just Move
AMBER CHARTER SCHOOL                                                   NEW YORK Just Move
WILLIAM B. TECLER ES                                                   AMSTERDAM Just Move
Dalton Elementary School                                               NUNDA Just Move
HAVERSTRAW MS                                                          HAVERSTRAW Just Move
GIRLS PREPARATORY CHARTER OF NY                                        NEW YORK Just Move
PS 9 - SARAH ANDERSON                                                  NEW YORK Just Move
INWOOD ACAD FOR LDSHP CHTR SCH                                         NEW YORK Just Move
PS/IS  54                                                              BRONX Just Move
PEEKSKILL MS                                                           PEEKSKILL Just Move
MANORHAVEN ES                                                          PRT WASHINGTN Just Move
NEIL HELLMAN SCHOOL                                                    ALBANY Just Move
ST. JOHN NEUMANN SCHOOL                                                ROCHESTER Just Move
FISHERS ISLAND SCHOOL                                                  FISHERS ISLE BOKS
LYNDONVILLE ES                                                         LYNDONVILLE BOKS
EDWARD WILLIAMS SCHOOL                                                 MOUNT VERNON BOKS
MOTT HAVEN ACADEMY CHARTER SCH                                         BRONX BOKS
PS  65 THE LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE                                     BROOKLYN BOKS
PS 138 SUNRISE SCHOOL                                                  ROSEDALE BOKS
IS 204 O. W. HOLMES SCHOOL                                             LONG IS CITY BOKS
PS  76 WILLIAM HALLETT SCHOOL                                          LONG IS CITY BOKS
SOUTH SALEM ES                                                         PRT WASHINGTN BOKS
WARRENSBURG ES                                                         WARRENSBURG BOKS


COLUMBUS PERFORMANCE ACADEMY                                           COLUMBUS 100 Mile Club
WEST UNION ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           WEST UNION 100 Mile Club
GENERAL ROSECRANS ELEMENTARY                                           SUNBURY 100 Mile Club
FREDERICK DOUGLASS SCHOOL                                              CINCINNATI 100 Mile Club
JOHN P. PARKER SCHOOL                                                  CINCINNATI 100 Mile Club
SANDS MONTESSORI SCHOOL                                                CINCINNATI 100 Mile Club
CRESTVIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                COLUMBIANA 100 Mile Club
ROBERTS MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                  CUYAHOGA FLS 100 Mile Club
EAST KNOX ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            BLADENSBURG 100 Mile Club
SHERWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             CINCINNATI 100 Mile Club
MANCHESTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           MANCHESTER 100 Mile Club
SHARPSBURG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           NORWOOD 100 Mile Club
OAK HILL ELEMENTARY                                                    OAK HILL 100 Mile Club
ST JOHN SCHOOL                                                         ASHTABULA 100 Mile Club
IMAGINE CLEVELAND ACADEMY                                              CLEVELAND 100 Mile Club
THE INTERGENERATIONAL SCHOOL                                           CLEVELAND 100 Mile Club
CINCINNATI COLLEGE PREP ACAD                                           CINCINNATI 100 Mile Club
MT HEALTHY PREP & FITNESS ACAD                                         CINCINNATI 100 Mile Club
SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOL                                                 WELLSTON 100 Mile Club
MEADOWLAWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           SANDUSKY 100 Mile Club
WILDER INTERMEDIATE ELEMENTAR                                          PIQUA 100 Mile Club
SPRINGDALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           CINCINNATI 100 Mile Club
RICHMOND HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY S                                          RICHMOND HTS 100 Mile Club
PERRIN WOODS ELEMENTARY SCHOO                                          SPRINGFIELD 100 Mile Club
SCHROP INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL                                             AKRON 100 Mile Club
HEYWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              TROY 100 Mile Club
VAN WERT ELEMENTARY SCH                                                VAN WERT 100 Mile Club
WAPAKONETA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           WAPAKONETA 100 Mile Club
KNOX ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                 ALLIANCE 100 Mile Club
DENVER PLACE ELEMENTARY SCHOO                                          WILMINGTON 100 Mile Club
SILVERTON PAIDEIA ACADEMY                                              CINCINNATI Just Move
SHAWNEE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              HURON Just Move
COLUMBUS PREP & FITNESS ACAD                                           COLUMBUS Just Move
MIDDLETOWN PREP & FITNESS ACAD                                         MIDDLETOWN Just Move
PERFORMANCE ACADEMY EASTLAND                                           COLUMBUS Just Move
BUCKEYE RANCH SPECIAL NEEDS S                                          GROVE CITY Just Move
BATAVIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              BATAVIA BOKS
EAST PALESTINE MIDDLE SCHOOL                                           E PALESTINE BOKS
GRANVILLE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL                                          GRANVILLE BOKS
CROSSROADS DAY TREATMENT CTR                                           MENTOR BOKS


EDISON ES                                                              BRISTOW 100 Mile Club
PARK ROAD ES                                                           CHANDLER 100 Mile Club
CRESCENT ES                                                            CRESCENT 100 Mile Club
GRANDVIEW 5TH/6TH GRADE CTR                                            ELK CITY 100 Mile Club
GRAND VIEW ES                                                          TAHLEQUAH 100 Mile Club
HAWORTH ES                                                             HAWORTH 100 Mile Club
HOLLY CREEK ES                                                         BROKEN BOW 100 Mile Club
PAT HENRY ES                                                           LAWTON 100 Mile Club
WESTERN VILLAGE ACADEMY                                                OKLAHOMA CITY 100 Mile Club
CELIA CLINTON ES                                                       TULSA 100 Mile Club
REMINGTON ES                                                           TULSA 100 Mile Club
ANDERSEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             BROKEN ARROW 100 Mile Club
BOEVERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              TULSA 100 Mile Club
BRIARGLEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            TULSA 100 Mile Club
GRACE RUSSELL ELEM SCHOOL                                              WILBURTON 100 Mile Club
WILBURTON MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                WILBURTON 100 Mile Club
DEER CREEK ES                                                          EDMOND Just Move
JEFFERSON ES                                                           PRYOR BOKS


ST CLARE SCHOOL                                                        PORTLAND 100 Mile Club
JACKSON ELEM. SCHOOL                                                   MEDFORD 100 Mile Club
MOLALLA ELEM. SCHOOL                                                   MOLALLA 100 Mile Club
ELK MEADOW ELEM. SCHOOL                                                BEND Just Move
R E JEWELL ELEM. SCHOOL                                                BEND BOKS


DEPAUL SCHOOL                                                          SCRANTON 100 Mile Club
ST LUKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              ERIE 100 Mile Club
MIDDLE SMITHFIELD EL SCH                                               E STRODSBURG 100 Mile Club
FOREST HILLS EL SCH                                                    SIDMAN 100 Mile Club
PENNYPACK EL SCH                                                       HATBORO 100 Mile Club
IROQUOIS ES                                                            ERIE 100 Mile Club
MAPLEWOOD EL SCH                                                       TOWNVILLE 100 Mile Club
COLFAX EL SCH                                                          PITTSBURGH 100 Mile Club
LINGELBACH ANNA L SCH                                                  PHILADELPHIA 100 Mile Club
PENROSE SCH                                                            PHILADELPHIA 100 Mile Club
UPPER DAUPHIN AREA MS                                                  SPECKTOWN 100 Mile Club
WATTSBURG AREA EL CTR                                                  ERIE 100 Mile Club
WESTMONT HILLTOP EL SCH                                                JOHNSTOWN 100 Mile Club
THE QUAKER SCHOOL AT HORSHAM                                           HORSHAM Just Move
THE WALDEN SCHOOL                                                      MEDIA Just Move
BOWER HILL EL SCH                                                      VENETIA Just Move
BACHE-MARTIN SCH                                                       PHILADELPHIA BOKS


ROCKWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             BRISTOL 100 Mile Club
CHARLESTOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          CHARLESTOWN 100 Mile Club
LEARNING COMMUNITY                                                     CENTRAL FALLS Just Move
FRENCHTOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           E GREENWICH BOKS


MT LEBANON ELEMENTARY                                                  PENDLETON 100 Mile Club
TOWNVILLE ELEMENTARY                                                   TOWNVILLE 100 Mile Club
C C BLANEY ELEMENTARY                                                  HOLLYWOOD 100 Mile Club
HUNLEY PARK ELEMENTARY                                                 CHARLESTON 100 Mile Club
JAMES B EDWARDS ELEMENTARY                                             MT PLEASANT 100 Mile Club
LADSON ELEMENTARY                                                      LADSON 100 Mile Club
LAMBS ELEMENTARY                                                       N CHARLESTON 100 Mile Club
MATILDA F. DUNSTON ELEMENTARY                                          N CHARLESTON 100 Mile Club
MT. ZION ELEMENTARY                                                    JOHNS ISLAND 100 Mile Club
PINEHURST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            N CHARLESTON 100 Mile Club
SULLIVANS ISLAND EL                                                    MT PLEASANT 100 Mile Club
JOSEPH R PYE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         LADSON 100 Mile Club
MONAVIEW ELEMENTARY                                                    GREENVILLE 100 Mile Club
MT HOLLY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             ROCK HILL 100 Mile Club
ANDERSON MILL ELEMENTARY                                               MOORE 100 Mile Club
LONE OAK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             SPARTANBURG 100 Mile Club
COWPENS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              COWPENS 100 Mile Club
FOSTER PARK ELEMENTARY                                                 UNION 100 Mile Club
MONARCH ELEMENTARY                                                     UNION 100 Mile Club
CAINHOY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              HUGER Just Move
ANGEL OAK ELEMENTARY                                                   JOHNS ISLAND Just Move
EDITH L FRIERSON ELEMENTARY                                            WADMALAW IS Just Move
MIDLAND PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         N CHARLESTON Just Move
BLACK STREET ELEM SCHOOL                                               WALTERBORO Just Move
A. J. LEWIS-GREENVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                COLUMBIA Just Move


ENEMY SWIM DAY SCHOOL                                                  WAUBAY 100 Mile Club


BRADFORD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             BRADFORD 100 Mile Club
CARMEL ELEMENTARY                                                      CLARKSVILLE 100 Mile Club
NEW UNION ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            MANCHESTER 100 Mile Club
NORTH COFFEE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         MANCHESTER 100 Mile Club
ROAN CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           MOUNTAIN CITY 100 Mile Club
ANDREW JACKSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       KINGSPORT 100 Mile Club
ANDREW JOHNSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       KINGSPORT 100 Mile Club
RIPLEY PRIMARY                                                         RIPLEY 100 Mile Club
WESTWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             MANCHESTER 100 Mile Club
CEDAR GROVE ELEMENTARY                                                 SMYRNA 100 Mile Club
SMYRNA PRIMARY SCHOOL                                                  SMYRNA 100 Mile Club
LOVE CHAPEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          ERWIN 100 Mile Club
EAST END ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             HUMBOLDT Just Move
SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            LEBANON Just Move
DEBUSK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               GREENEVILLE BOKS
WEST PINES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           GREENEVILLE BOKS
JOHN PITTARD ELEMENTARY                                                MURFREESBORO BOKS


BARTON HILLS EL                                                        AUSTIN 100 Mile Club
OAK HILL EL                                                            AUSTIN 100 Mile Club
RED ROCK ELEMENTARY                                                    RED ROCK 100 Mile Club
WOODLAND HEIGHTS EL                                                    BROWNWOOD 100 Mile Club
CENTRAL ELEMENTARY                                                     CARROLLTON 100 Mile Club
SHAW SPECIAL EMPHASIS SCHOOL                                           CRP CHRISTI 100 Mile Club
BOWIE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                DALLAS 100 Mile Club
CABELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               DALLAS 100 Mile Club
JOHNSTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             DALLAS 100 Mile Club
LOWE, SR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             DALLAS 100 Mile Club
MEDRANO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              DALLAS 100 Mile Club
DAMON EL                                                               DAMON 100 Mile Club
JUAN DIEGO ACADEMY                                                     MISSION 100 Mile Club
BENAVIDES EL                                                           EAGLE PASS 100 Mile Club
KENNEDY EL                                                             EDCOUCH 100 Mile Club
COMO EL                                                                FORT WORTH 100 Mile Club
ANDERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             PLANO 100 Mile Club
COLONY MEADOWS EL                                                      SUGAR LAND 100 Mile Club
KIMBERLIN ACAD FOR EXCEL                                               GARLAND 100 Mile Club
DODSON EL                                                              HOUSTON 100 Mile Club
PARK PLACE EL                                                          HOUSTON 100 Mile Club
WELCH MIDDLE                                                           HOUSTON 100 Mile Club
IDEA ACADEMY-SAN JUAN                                                  SAN JUAN 100 Mile Club
ELLIOTT EL                                                             IRVING 100 Mile Club
ED FRANZ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             LIVE OAK 100 Mile Club
CHISHOLM TRAIL INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL                                     FORT WORTH 100 Mile Club
KAISER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               HOUSTON 100 Mile Club
SCHULTZ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              TOMBALL 100 Mile Club
BOWIE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                LUBBOCK 100 Mile Club
ROOSEVELT EL                                                           MCALLEN 100 Mile Club
SEGUIN EL                                                              MCALLEN 100 Mile Club
ARTHUR MCNEIL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        MCKINNEY 100 Mile Club
STEWART CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        MONTGOMERY 100 Mile Club
CLEAR SPRING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         SAN ANTONIO 100 Mile Club
OAK GROVE EL                                                           SAN ANTONIO 100 Mile Club
ROYAL RIDGE EL                                                         SAN ANTONIO 100 Mile Club
STAHL EL                                                               SAN ANTONIO 100 Mile Club
WETMORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              SAN ANTONIO 100 Mile Club
TURNER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               PASADENA 100 Mile Club
NAPPER EL                                                              PHARR 100 Mile Club
HUFFMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              PLANO 100 Mile Club
BETHEL LEARNING CENTER                                                 HOUSTON 100 Mile Club
ARAPAHO CLASSICAL MAGNET                                               RICHARDSON 100 Mile Club
AUSTIN EL                                                              SAN ANGELO 100 Mile Club
ROMULO D  MARTINEZ ELEMENTARY                                          MISSION 100 Mile Club
JAMES AND MARGIE MARION ELEMENTARY                                     ALLEN Just Move
LAMAR EL                                                               EL PASO Just Move
BLEDSOE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              FRISCO Just Move
PAT COOPER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           GEORGETOWN Just Move
WILDERNESS OAK EL                                                      SAN ANTONIO Just Move
STAR SCHOOL                                                            STAR Just Move
CHRIST THE KING CATHEDRAL SCHO                                         LUBBOCK BOKS


FOX HOLLOW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           LEHI 100 Mile Club
MT PLEASANT ELEM SCH                                                   MT PLEASANT 100 Mile Club
MOUNT MAHOGANY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                       PLEASANT GRV Just Move
MOUNTAIN TRAILS ELEM SCHOOL                                            EAGLE MTN Just Move
BONNEVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           SALT LAKE CTY Just Move
HAWTHORNE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            SALT LAKE CTY Just Move
RIVERDALE ELEM SCH                                                     OGDEN Just Move


JAMES K. POLK ELEM.                                                    ALEXANDRIA 100 Mile Club
TOTARO ELEM.                                                           LAWRENCEVILLE 100 Mile Club
WOOLRIDGE ELEM.                                                        MIDLOTHIAN 100 Mile Club
FRANCIS ASBURY ELEM.                                                   HAMPTON 100 Mile Club
ROCKFISH RIVER ELEM.                                                   AFTON 100 Mile Club
THOMAS C. MCSWAIN ELEM.                                                STAUNTON 100 Mile Club
HERMITAGE ELEM.                                                        VIRGINIA BCH 100 Mile Club
KINGS GRANT ELEM.                                                      VIRGINIA BCH 100 Mile Club
CAMERON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              ALEXANDRIA Just Move
SEDGEFIELD ELEM.                                                       NEWPORT NEWS Just Move
BERKELEY GLENN ELEM.                                                   WAYNESBORO Just Move


CURRIER MEMORIAL SCHOOL                                                DANBY 100 Mile Club
BERLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               BERLIN 100 Mile Club
CANAAN MEMORIAL SCHOOL                                                 CANAAN 100 Mile Club
DANVILLE SCHOOL                                                        DANVILLE 100 Mile Club
FERRISBURGH CENTRAL SCHOOL                                             FERRISBURG 100 Mile Club
FLOOD BROOK UNION 20 ELEM SCH                                          LONDONDERRY Just Move


CHINOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              AUBURN 100 Mile Club
CONCRETE ELEMENTARY                                                    CONCRETE 100 Mile Club
DIERINGER HS ELEMENTARY                                                LAKE TAPPS 100 Mile Club
COVINGTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            COVINGTON 100 Mile Club
KETTLE FALLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         KETTLE FALLS 100 Mile Club
VOSSBECK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             LYNDEN 100 Mile Club
HOLLYWOOD HILL ELEMENTARY                                              WOODINVILLE 100 Mile Club
WOODMOOR ELEMENTARY                                                    BOTHELL 100 Mile Club
PIONEER PRIMARY SCHOOL                                                 SHELTON 100 Mile Club
HAMILTON ELEMENTARY                                                    PORT ANGELES 100 Mile Club
LAKERIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            SEATTLE 100 Mile Club
SHADOW LAKE ELEMENTARY                                                 MAPLE VALLEY 100 Mile Club
KIMBALL                                                                SEATTLE Just Move


MCKINLEY EL                                                            APPLETON 100 Mile Club
SOUTH EL                                                               HARTLAND 100 Mile Club
HILLSBORO EL                                                           HILLSBORO 100 Mile Club
BAY VIEW MID                                                           GREEN BAY 100 Mile Club
HURLEY K-12 SCH                                                        HURLEY 100 Mile Club
NORTHSIDE EL                                                           MIDDLETON 100 Mile Club
SPRING ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          NEENAH 100 Mile Club
BROOKLYN EL                                                            BROOKLYN 100 Mile Club
PRAIRIE VIEW EL                                                        OREGON 100 Mile Club
NATURES CLASSROOM MONTESSORI                                           MUKWONAGO 100 Mile Club
OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE SCHOOL - MADISON                               MADISON 100 Mile Club
ST JOSEPH CATHOLIC SCHOOL - RICE LAKE                                  RICE LAKE 100 Mile Club
ST VINCENT DE PAUL ELEM SCHOOL                                         WISC RAPIDS 100 Mile Club
ST WILLIAM ELEM SCHOOL                                                 JANESVILLE 100 Mile Club
COOPER EL                                                              SUPERIOR 100 Mile Club
NORTHERN LIGHTS EL                                                     SUPERIOR 100 Mile Club
STEPHENS EL                                                            MADISON Just Move
NETHERWOOD KNOLL EL                                                    OREGON Just Move


VAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                  VAN 100 Mile Club
WHITESVILLE ELEMENTARY                                                 WHITESVILLE 100 Mile Club
BROOKE HIGH SCHOOL                                                     WELLSBURG 100 Mile Club
FRANKLIN PRIMARY SCHOOL                                                WELLSBURG 100 Mile Club
DODDRIDGE COUNTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                     WEST UNION 100 Mile Club
ALDERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             ALDERSON 100 Mile Club
C W SHIPLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          HARPERS FERRY 100 Mile Club
GRANDVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            CHARLESTON 100 Mile Club
WEST HAMLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          WEST HAMLIN 100 Mile Club
LOGAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                LOGAN 100 Mile Club
GLEN DALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            GLEN DALE 100 Mile Club
BEALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                GALIPOLIS FRY 100 Mile Club
CHERRY RIVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                         RICHWOOD 100 Mile Club
BRANDYWINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           BRANDYWINE 100 Mile Club
SAINT MARYS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          SAINT MARYS 100 Mile Club
CONNER STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                        HURRICANE 100 Mile Club
WEST TEAYS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                           HURRICANE 100 Mile Club
COAL CITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                            COAL CITY 100 Mile Club
CRESCENT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             BECKLEY 100 Mile Club
PRICHARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                             PRICHARD 100 Mile Club
SHORT LINE SCHOOL                                                      READER 100 Mile Club
VIENNA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                               VIENNA 100 Mile Club
HUFF CONSOL ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE SCHOOL                                   HANOVER 100 Mile Club
ALTIZER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                              HUNTINGTON Just Move
GEORGE WARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                          MILL CREEK BOKS


BEITEL ELEMENTARY                                                      LARAMIE 100 Mile Club
SPRING CREEK ELEMENTARY                                                LARAMIE 100 Mile Club
TONGUE RIVER ELEMENTARY                                                RANCHESTER 100 Mile Club
MONROE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL                                             GREEN RIVER 100 Mile Club
ALTA ELEMENTARY                                                        ALTA 100 Mile Club
JACKSON ELEMENTARY                                                     JACKSON 100 Mile Club
JACKSON ELEMENTARY                                                     RIVERTON BOKS