What can $1,000 support?

All three programs can be launch with zero cost depending on resources at hand. Your school’s $1,000 may be used as you see fit to get your 100 Mile Club program off the ground. This award is not intended to be an operating budget but rather the seed funding necessary to build momentum and launch a new program. Assess your school’s current resources and assets before determining how dollars will be spent.

Detailed suggestions will be provided to grant recipients. Below are potential uses that your school may consider:

Kick-Off Assembly – host an assembly to introduce the program to students, teachers, and parents to get everyone pumped about the year ahead. Your school may already run a fall assembly. See if you can add 100 Mile Club to the agenda.

Popsicle Sticks – Also known as “lap trackers” these are indispensable for the 100 Mile Club. Marking dots on students’ hands as they accumulate laps is another method.

Incentives – Token items like t-shirts, pencils, wristbands, medals, and certificates can be used to recognize students’ as they complete 25, 50, 75, and 100 miles.

Printing – Introducing folks to a new program can entail creating many letters, flyers, and signs. Award funds can be used to supplement these costs.