Cherry View Elementary

Lakeville, Minnesota

The ‘Be FIT Circuit’ is a series of 30-40 exercise stations completed in 30 second intervals. A pre-recorded CD provides motivational music and is programmed with a 30 second beep signaling the students to move to the next station. The circuit can be set up in a gym, outdoors, or any open space. Simple in concept, the circuit employs powerful ‘gaming’ elements that excite students of all ages. These elements include: popular music; repeatability; new stations; leveled play (challenges to achieve age appropriate scores); achievable short & long term goals (if all students perform at a high level, classes earns performance points and reward activities); acknowledgement (performance points are added each day to classroom score card); colorful graphics; integrated pictorial instruction; and unique exercise opportunities (balance boards, agility ladders, hand weights, elastic bands, step platforms, & DDR dance boards). The Be FIT Circuit is great fun wrapped around fitness.