Clymer Central School

Clymer, New York

In 2006 Clymer Central School started an exercise program to increase physical activity and alleviate their problem of students waiting on buses before the first bell rang. To fill this idle time, students are given access to the gym for up to 20 minutes and encouraged to walk, jog, or run. The concept is straightforward and the structure is minimal and because existing resources are used, there is zero cost to the school district. Students simply join in as their parents and buses drop them off. In addition to getting exercise, students have a unique opportunity to socialize with their friends before the start of the school day. They also encourage others to join the program which has led us to jump from a 50% participation rate at onset to a currently impressive 90%. Teachers report that their students arrive to class alert and ready to learn and that behavior issues have declined. Parents appreciate that their children are motivated to get to school early.