Corona-Norco Unified School District

Corona, California


100 Mile Club – In the field of school-based activity and wellness, running and walking programs are extremely popular. With minimal cost and facility requirements (walking can take place indoors or out, on fields, paths, or in hallways) they are cost effective and get kids’ hearts pumping. Among the many schools nationwide employing this prevalent model, the 100 Mile Club in Corona-Norco, CA is a true pioneer. Inspired by the 1992 Summer Olympics, special education teacher Kara Lubin had a dream that kids would be motivated to stay fit by the simple goal of “winning the gold medal”. These medals, based on dedication and effort, not speed and fitness, could reward students of all abilities, including Lubin’s special education students. Lubin took action and founded the 100 Mile Club in 1993. Nearly 20 years later, the 100 Mile Club has stood the test of time, and been emulated by dozens of schools in California and nationally. Elementary school students are presented with a straightforward challenge, run 100 miles over the course of the school year. Students log miles before school, after school, during recess, and at sanctioned community events, such as local road races. Milestones are rewarded with simple tokens – wristbands, pencils, and medals. A year-end assembly celebrates and recognizes students who have achieved 100 miles, and those still with miles to go. The program is highly scalable and easily replicated and is now in more than 115 schools across 7 different U.S. states.