Heath Elementary School

Brookline, Massachusetts

MOVE 24/7 has 7 tiers: 1. Morning Movement before school: High intensity activities are offered before the school day begins, 2. Physical Education: Program shifted from the ‘Old PE’ model (sport oriented) to the ‘New PE’ model focusing on fitness and wellness, 3. Cardiovascular exercise bursts in the classroom: We bring the New PE to the classroom. Classroom teachers have been offered education/resources from PE teachers to help them incorporate high intensity movement bursts, 4. Increasing movement in classroom academic lessons: Science example – students measure the length of the intestine with a rope and then jump rope with their intestine, 5. Expanding movement opportunities: We have added Frisbee, flag football, and yoga (coed) after school, 6. Technology & Academics in the Physical Education setting: Create Brain Exercise Labs to combine academic content presentations with activity, 7. Community involvement: Opportunities for families to move together.