Hilton Head Island Elementary School

Hilton Head, South Carolina


The Strength Summed Up Team is an innovative before-school exercise program pioneered by PE teacher, Jackie Wheeler. Students commit to a full year of these intensive sessions, which take place 30 minutes daily, 5 days a week. Exemplary academic, discipline, and community service standards must also be met in order to maintain one’s place on the team. Originally designed as an intervention for students who were facing high risk for obesity, these tough workouts began to draw broad-based attention. Students of all abilities and needs gravitated toward the strength training, weight bearing, and cardio activities that make up the core of the program. Strength Team membership has now become a badge of honor and the group garners considerable prestige within the school community. The Strength Team regularly performs for school and outside community events, inspiring students, and parents, of all ages.

Strength team members Grace & Chelsi shared their experiences with the program at the ASAP Awards Celebration in Washington DC on June 13, 2012.