Meadowview Elementary

Farmington, Minnesota


At Meadowview Elementary, students are motivated to stay highly active both at school, and at home. Designed by PE Teacher Joe McCarthy, the Running Club and the Century Club are complementary programs which use an incentive system to reward students of all abilities for their physical activity, regardless of what form. During the school day, Running Club rewards students for mileage goals attained walking or jogging at the student’s own pace. Outside the school day, students earn additional “miles” by logging and converting activity of all forms. Popular activities like hiking and skateboarding, or group play with friends in the neighborhood; all are encouraged and rewarded back at school. By engaging the local business community and other supporters, Mr. McCarthy has been able to create health-related incentives such as gym passes, tickets to local sporting events, and gift cards to athletic stores. Combined with structured P.E. classes, these programs have kids moving 7 days a week.