Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

Monterey, California

The JUST RUN program is multi-faceted, including running/walking, unique and fun drills, and relays that build balance, strength, agility, teamwork and flexibility, proactive nutritional instruction, good citizenship, goal setting, and pride in accomplishment. In some schools it is the entire P.E. program for every student and in others it’s supplemental. JUST RUN is also in every one of the after school programs. The JUST RUN program is web-based, with instructions for leaders online. This makes leader training and implementation of the program extremely easy. Leaders do not need a P.E. background in order to lead a successful JUST RUN program. The website includes a ‘virtual’ run across the USA and Europe that shows classroom progress on a map with 1,000 linked locations that can be used in history classes for educational purposes. The Program is FREE and FUN and research based studies indicated it raised Fitnessgram scores AND academic scores.