Overland Elementary School

Los Angeles, California


Before cracking a book or lifting a pencil, students at Overland Elementary in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) invigorate their bodies and brains and prepare to learn, through movement. Every morning at 8:11am, the first bell sounds, and the entire student population assembles on the blacktop for Overland in Motion. Launched through the inspiration of Overland mom, Apryl Krakovsky, the program is based around 15 minutes of group exercise set to music performed by the entire school. Every day, all year long. The daily routines feature cardio, plyometrics, yoga, and stretching. Recently awarded the Governor’s Spotlight Award for Physical Fitness, Overland in Motion has received wide acclaim since its start in 2009. Teachers, parents, and school staff have embraced the program and regularly join in the movement. Overland in Motion has inspired the entire school community to get involved, and parents and siblings now join in additional activities including Sunday hikes, and family math & science with motion nights. Overland is now being studied as a model for other schools within LAUSD to adopt their program.