Ward Elementary School

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our ‘Read and Ride’ (R+R) program uses donated exercise bikes for students to ride while they read fun magazines and books. We have two different ways students participate in the program. ┬áTeachers sign-up for 15-minute periods throughout the day for their class to come to the ‘R+R’ room and every student rides their own bike while reading one of the donated magazines, their favorite book, or their latest book checked out from our school library. Teachers have also requested to have an exercise bike in a corner of their classroom for individual students to read and ride when they complete a class assignment, as a reward or incentive, as a way to release some extra energy in a positive way, or simply for fun during transition time between classes or at the beginning and end of the day. With inclement weather, the R+R room is often the only physical activity students get when outside recess is canceled. Visit the Read and Ride program website to learn more.