Frequently Asked Questions

The submission window for the ASAP Innovation Competition has closed as of April 2nd, 2012 at 11:59pm EDT. Thank you to all who participated.

I have a great idea for a physical activity program, but it is not currently up and running.  Can I apply?

The School Programs of the ASAP Innovation Competition is for existing programs that are already being deployed in a school setting.  The intent is to recognize, reward, and ultimately expand existing innovative physical activity programs.  Ideas for programs not yet developed will not be considered in this competition, but we encourage you to share your ideas with school/district personnel in your area.

I have an innovative physical activity program at my middle school/high school.  Can I apply to the competition?

ChildObesity180’s efforts are geared toward children ages 5-12 (approximate grade levels K-6), as these ages provide the greatest opportunity to reduce the incidence of obesity.  This year, the School Programs category is not open to programs operating exclusively in middle schools or high schools.  However, we welcome entries from programs that reach older students in addition to elementary school aged children.  For example, if a K-8 school has an innovative physical activity program that reaches all students, we want to hear about it!

My school/district is implementing a program affiliated with an outside partner.  May we apply?

We welcome applications from programs affiliated with an outside partner. Examples of an outside partner might include a university; a curriculum developer such SPARK PE, CATCH, or Playworks; a federal program such as Safe Routes to School; or another entity. ASAP wants to learn about how your school or district has integrated these approaches to meet local needs and demands.

Who can be a team leader?

A team leader must be an adult over age 18 who is an employee of the school or district where the entry program is currently being deployed. This individual could be a teacher, PE instructor, administrator, coach, nurse, or other educator.

Who can be on a team?

Each team must include:

  • A team leader who is an employee of the school or district where the entry program is currently deployed; team leaders must be an adult over the age of 18

Teams are strongly encouraged to include a student representative who is a program participant.  Other good candidates for team members might include parents, teachers, nurses, coaches, administrators, or other educators.  Individuals included on each team should have some affiliation or vested interest in the entry program.  The team leader should determine which individuals are the best fit for his or her team.

I am a parent of a student enrolled in a school with a great physical activity program. May I apply?

Absolutely!  We welcome parents who hear about the competition to organize a team and apply. Teams may include students, parents, teachers, nurses, coaches, administrators, or other educators. The team leader however must be an employee of the school or district where the entry program is deployed.

I do not feel comfortable submitting a video of children at my school/district participating in our program.  Is a video required?

It is the hope of the ASAP team that we can share videos of innovative physical activity programs on our website, where students, parents, and educators from around the country may be inspired by the programming at your school.

Entering teams are strongly encouraged to submit a video; however entries without one will not be disqualified.  If you are apprehensive about sharing images of students online, check to see if your school has a policy in place to address such issues. At the beginning of the school year, many schools and districts request permission from parents to publish images and videos of students taken at school events. Check to see if your school has implemented a similar procedure.

An example permission letter may be found in your team’s application portal. Please do not submit permission letters to competition administrators. This is simply intended to serve as a guide for schools who wish to draft a video release form.

My school runs many physical activity programs as part of a wellness policy/philosophy.  Do I have to pick one program/initiative or may I submit an application that highlights our entire approach?

We welcome applications from schools with many programs in place that bring quality physical activity to elementary school children.  However, the goal of the School Programs category of the ASAP Innovation Competition is to discover physical activity programs that may ultimately be scaled to schools of different sizes, types, and geographies across the country.  The more programs your school or district has in place, the greater the likelihood your approach is highly individualized.  We encourage teams to hone in on the program or initiative with the highest potential to be replicated in other schools and districts.  That said you are encouraged to share information about programs and initiatives that are complimentary to your entry.

My school/district currently operates a physical activity program that utilizes technology. Should I apply to the “School Programs” or “Technology Innovation” category of the Innovation Competition?

The applicant audiences for the “School Programs” and the “Technology Innovation” categories are distinct.  The “Technology Innovation” category is for developers, entrepreneurs, companies, or other parties that have developed a new technology or a unique application of an existing technology that can enhance or drive quality school-time physical activity.  To be considered eligible, for the “Technology Innovation” category, applicants must be able to demonstrate a valid claim of ownership to the technology or application they outline in their proposal, including any associated intellectual property rights.

If your school/district is implementing a program using technology, we welcome you to apply to the “School Programs” category.  If further clarification is needed, please contact us as

Are there restrictions on how prize money is spent?

The monetary awards to regional and national winners serve two purposes.  First, they serve to recognize and reward outstanding physical activity programs that have been implemented by passionate educators across the country.  Second, the awards are intended to be invested into school-based fitness and wellness programming that increase quality physical activity and support obesity prevention.  Winning schools and/or districts may determine how prize funds will best advance these goals in their school community.

Who is sponsoring the competition?

ASAP is an initiative of ChildObesity180. Conducted in collaboration with Tufts University, ChildObesity180 fosters cross-sector collaboration through a portfolio of high-impact initiatives to reverse the trend of childhood obesity. Recognizing an opportunity to partner with ChildObesity180 to spark a sea change in the physical activity culture of American schools, thirteen health plans have come together to provide financial support for this competition.  For a complete list of these sponsors please visit the “About” page on our website.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) serves as a strategic partner for ChildObesity180.

I am having trouble viewing the application portal on my browser.  What is wrong?

For optimal viewing and use of the ASAP Innovation Competition application portal, we recommend using the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9.