Evaluation Critera

ASAP Acceleration Grant applications will be evaluated by a team of professionals at ChildObesity180 and Tufts University. Reviewers will be considering the following:

  1. Readiness of Champions and Supporters
  2. Suitability of Program Selected
  3. Potential for Impact

Reviewers will evaluate each application with the following questions in mind:

  • Is there evidence that the identified Champion and Supporters are likely to be successful in their roles?
  • Does this Champion have the support of school administration and others in his/her community to launch this program?
  • Does the selected physical activity program appear to be a good match for this school? (Reviewers will consider school size, student needs, existing infrastructure and resources, etc.)
  • Is this school ready to incorporate the selected program? (Reviewers will consider the school setting, staffing, school schedule, and other supports).
  • Will this program reach children who otherwise may not have opportunities to be physically active?
  • Can the school provide access to this program for kids of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels?
  • Has this school taken other actions to demonstrate a commitment to student health and wellness?