Let’s Move! Active Schools

ChildObesity180 and ASAP are proud to be uniting with First Lady Michelle Obama on her new campaign, Let’s Move! Active Schools to boost physical activity in our nation’s schools. Learn more about Let’s Move! Active Schools here. Read on for a letter from the First Lady calling on champions like YOU to make a difference in your school.


Yesterday, I joined Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and leaders from the public and private sectors to announce a new program called Let’s Move! Active Schools – an unprecedented collaboration to bring physical activity back to America’s schools.

We know that schools today are facing all sorts of challenges.  They’re balancing multiple priorities and dealing with shrinking budgets while striving to do every single thing they can to help our children learn and grow.

Let’s Move! Active Schools is designed to address these challenges by spurring innovative solutions and offering customized support every step of the way.  We know that our kids need 60 minutes of physical activity daily, not only so they can grow up healthy, but also because we know it helps them succeed in school.  That’s why this program empowers schools to find free or low-cost ways to incorporate movement before, during, and after the school day.  We’ll help connect schools to grant opportunities, online resources, personal assistance, and hands-on professional development.

There’s just one thing we’re still missing—you.

We’re looking for school champions to lead this effort in communities across the country.  Every school needs a champion, and anyone can be that champion.  From P.E. and classroom teachers to administrators, staff, and parents, all it takes is one dedicated person to step up and start making a difference.

All you have to do is sign up at LetsMoveSchools.org and follow a simple, six-step process to create an active school environment and build support among leadership, staff, families, and other community members.  Along the way, you’ll have access to free tools and resources to help you take action.

Our goal is to register 50,000 schools in the Let’s Move! Active Schools program over the next 5 years.  That means we’ll reach about 25 million students, which will make a huge difference not just for these kids, but for our entire country.  In order to reach this ambitious goal, we are going to need everyone to work together.  And that starts with you.

I hope you’ll join us and sign up to be a school champion, or find someone to lead this effort in your community.  With your help, I know that we can meet this goal so that our kids can grow up healthy and reach their full potential.


Michelle Obama

First Lady of the United States

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